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Pretty much all post-X2.


In which I am mean to Scott. Scott/Logan, rated PG. 


In which I am mean to John. Rated PG.

Easy  -  More

Scott's coping, sort of. Logan isn't helping. Incomplete series in progress. Scott/Logan, rated R to NC-17. 

Enemy Lines

Bobby takes the train to Syracuse. Seven drabbles and a thingmabob. Bobby/St. John, rated R.

Freak (Seven on a String)

John's not a freak. Missing scene from X2, in seven drabbles. Genfic, rated PG.

Nights Like This

Sleepless in Westchester. Jean/Ororo, rated PG.

Summer and Winter

Seasons change. Bobby/St. John, rated PG.

Velocity (Girl on Fire)

In the middle of the night, Rogue wanders. Marie/Ororo, rated PG.

When It's Raining

Maybe it's the sanest thing. Jean/Ororo, rated R.


Storm knows a secret. Scott/Logan, rated R.

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