an X-Men movieverse story

by dirty diana


beta by sffan. We love sf.

Scott wasn't really angry at first. It took awhile, days maybe. But then he thought about it, he thought about Jean and he thought about Logan, the both of them together, and the anger clawed and pushed its way to the top, where he couldn't ignore it.

When he went looking for Logan, he found him in his bedroom, unpacking the few contents of his knapsack into a drawer.

"You're really staying," Scott says from just inside the doorway. It's a question, phrased as statement. Scott had heard him say so, but it hadn't occurred to him that Logan really meant it.

Logan shrugs. "Someone needs to keep an eye on you. Make sure you don't hurt yourself."

Scott watches as Logan closes the drawer. Scott has been doing the reverse, all week. Cleaning out his bedroom, putting away photographs, folding clothes into boxes. A couple of the kids offered to do it for him, but Scott told them not to bother. 

He needs something to help make it real.

Distracted by his thoughts, he didn't notice when Logan crossed the room. "Summers. Did you want something?" 

Scott looks at him for a second, and then raises his arms to push him away. But Logan is faster than him, and Scott's fists go nowhere, caught in the steel of the other man's grip.

Logan holds his arms against the wall for a moment, hard, and then lets him go. "Hey," he says, a wordless threat.

"Why would you tell me that?" Scott asks, his voice rasping.

"Tell you what?" Logan is still standing close, danger not yet gone.

"That she chose me. Why would you tell me that?"

Logan's head tilts to one side, eyes narrowing. "She did."

"Of course she did," Scott answers. It comes out like a curse, the only thing left that he knows for sure. "She was always going to choose me, Logan. Always."

Logan is growling, from deep in his throat. He curls his fist and hits Scott in the stomach. Scott breathes in as he takes the blow, closes his eyes for a second, half-expecting the cold punch of metal claws through his gut.

But there's nothing. Just Logan, looking at him. "I know."

"Why would you tell me that? Why would you make her choose?" Scott raises his voice, trying to hold on to anger that is rapidly slipping away.

It happens in a flash. The air in the room changes. Scott is feeling too much, thinking too much, breathing fast and hard. Logan is the first one to smell it, with a cock of the eyebrow that's almost a smile.

"Did Jean know this about you, Summers?"

"Don't mention her name to me."

Thwap. Another punch in the gut, harder that the first. Scott tries to duck, but there's nowhere to go, and Logan's got a harsh hold, and now there's both of them down on the ground, Scott hitting the floor first with a thud. "She know?" Logan repeats with a growl. "Did she know everything you are?"

Scott is fighting, struggling for control. But Logan is stronger than him, and knows it. Scott's struggling for control of himself too, for control of the things inside of him that have picked the wrong moment to touch the surface.

No. Jean didn't know. They formed a silent agreement a long time ago, that neither of them really needed to know everything that there was to know about the other.

Logan has stopped fighting. His hands are everywhere, all over Scott's body, harsh and rough. It's not a lover's touch. It's a test, one that Scott knows he is failing. If Logan can smell Scott's need, then Scott can feel Logan's want, hot between his thighs. And he can see the darkness in Logan's eyes, but he doesn't let it scare him.

Letting go would be this easy.

"Stop," he says.

"Say it like you mean it, Summers, and I might." Logan's breath is hot on his neck.

Scott takes a breath, desperate for air. When he speaks it's his leader voice, the one that he doesn't use very often. The one that comes from that comes from somewhere near the end of him. "Logan. Stop."

One more rough grope, and then Logan pulls back with a snarl. "Get out."

Scott does, without another word.