the o.c.

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Black Balloon

The contrelamontre hospital challenge. Marissa/Summer, rated PG.

The Birthday Story

Seth, Ryan, Summer, icecream, and a bathtub explosion. A companion story to When You Were Mine. Seth/Summer/Ryan, rated NC-17.

The Distance Between

If Ryan never came to Newport. Ryan/Seth, rated NC-17.


Ryan worries and Seth is irresistible. Summer just is. Post "The Girlfriend". Summer/Seth and Ryan/Seth, rated PG.

Normal Like You

Seth. Summer. Shopping. Wackiness. Seth/Summer, rated PG.


Post "The Escape". What if Marissa didn't make it, and then other stuff. Seth/Summer, rated PG.

Rose of Summer

Filling in the blanks from "The Gamble". Marissa/Summer, rated PG-13.

Standing Still

Summer goes to Chino. Very light Summer/Seth and Summer/Theresa, rated PG.

When You Were Mine

Because threesomes are the solution to every math problem. Seth/Summer/Ryan, rated NC-17

Window Side

The road trip story. Gen, rated PG.

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