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Disclaimer: The Faculty, Las Vegas, and all related elements, characters and indicia are property of other people. Not me. All Rights Reserved. No infringement is intended, no profit realised. In the case of the stories about supposedly real people - it's not true. I made it up.. I promise.

***RPF stands for Real Person Fiction. If you aren't going to like it, then don't read it. 


Stargate SG-1 RPF. Michael wants to sort things out. Michael/Rick, rated PG.

End of the World, Charlie Parker, Time Bomb

Las Vegas. Everyone is full of surprises. Sam/Danny, rated PG.

In Practice

Stargate SG-1 RPF. "People think that you and Chris are doing it, you know." Michael/Chris, Michael/Lexa, rated PG-13.


She's watching the world go by. Nick/Paris, rated PG.

postcards from the road * with commentary 

Andromeda RPF/Stargate SG-1 RPF. Perfume and photographs. Michael/Lexa, rated R for sexual content.

New Frontier

in bed with a girl at the end of the world. Danny/Nessa, rated PG-13. 


The Faculty. Zeke tries, but sometimes he's just predictable. Zeke/Casey/Delilah, rated NC-17.

Sinking Feeling

Four Brothers. Bobby/Jack. Jack's got a good memory, rated PG-13.

six ans de mer

Remington Steele. Laura/Steele. He takes her to the movies, rated PG.


Pop. Making it good. Chris/Lance, rated NC-17.

Stealing Pumpkins

Stargate SG-1 RPF. Michael/Chris/Amanda-sorta, rated PG-13 for innuendo.

Thirteen Months Later

Las Vegas. Someone comes back. Danny/Mike, rated PG.

Thirteen Letters for Maybe

Stargate: Atlantis RPF. Joe/David, rated PG.

Three by Five

Las Vegas. It's Valentine's Day at the Montecito. Danny/Mary, rated PG.

A Whole Lot of Trying

Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place RPF. They've made it after all, or maybe they haven't. Ryan/Nathan, rated PG-13.

With a Bad Idea

The Forsaken RPF. Angst and denial. Brendan/Kerr, rated NC-17.

A Rush of Blood to the Head

When Lance broke up with Chris, he brought lawyers. Chris/Lance, rated PG-13.


Pop. Crossover with The Fast and the Furious. In which Brian is pretty and Justin is friendly. Or Justin is pretty and Brian is friendly. One of those two. Brian/Justin and Justin/Lance, rated NC-17.

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