three a.m.

a Stargate SG-1 story

by dirty diana

Shameless self-indulgence, written to cheer myself up. Mmmmn cranky Daniel.

He woke up to the sound of a key in his front door. Jack turned over onto his side, and listened to the noises of a slamming door, followed by footsteps on the stairs. The bedroom floorboards creaked, and then his mattress dipped underneath a sudden weight.

He made a sound of protest, as cold hands bumped him gently. "Jack."

Jack didn't answer, still dragged down by sleep.

"Jack," Daniel repeated, louder.


"Move over. You're on my side."

"This is my bed," Jack pointed out drowsily. "They're both my sides." Finally he opened his eyes, to glance at the illuminated numbers on his bedside clock. "It's three in the morning. You're going to be a mess at the briefing tomorrow."

"I'll be fine," Daniel said. "As long as you try not to ask me any stupid questions."

"What kept you out so late?" Jack wanted to know. "Hot date?"

"Very hot date."

"Anyone I know?"

"Maybe. He's a pilot. Air Force. Biggest P-90 I've ever seen." Daniel elbowed Jack mercilessly in the ribs, unresponsive to Jack's dull grunt of pain. "Now move over."

Jack rolled over, with a low noise of complaint. Daniel slid, half-dressed, into the warm space that he had just vacated.

Jack curled in behind him, his hands on Daniel's waist. "The P-90 can be quite a machine," he murmured.

"That's what he keeps telling me."

"It's got a very sensitive trigger mechanism." Jack's hips moved gently against Daniel's body, his hand slipping below Daniel's waist.

"Jack," Daniel said slowly. "As you just pointed out, it's late."

"For you," Jack told him. "For me, it's just early. Sun'll be up soon. Might as well get a jump on the day."

Daniel's rude answer was muffled by the pillow.

Jack didn't respond, his mouth tickling the smooth slope of Daniel's skin. "What are you doing here anyway? Something wrong with your apartment?"

"Your bed is warmer. And there's nobody there to make me coffee when I wake up."

Jack exhaled gentle laughter on the back of Daniel's neck. "What makes you think you get coffee when you don't put out, Doctor Jackson?"

"Jack." Daniel's tone was disapproving, his voice husky with sleep. "You really think that I'd prostitute myself for coffee?"

"I have some of that expensive Brazilian kind," Jack told him helpfully.

Daniel was silent a moment, the warm pressure of his body gently pushing back against Jack's chest and thighs. "Whole beans?" he asked.

"I'll grind them myself."

Another long pause. "Waffles?"

"Sure," Jack said.

"Blueberry waffles?"

"I don't have blueberries."

Daniel turned over slowly, a warm bundle of heat in Jack's arms. His mouth barely brushed Jack's own as he spoke. "Strawberry waffles?"

"I can do that."

"Good," Daniel said, and kissed him. Gently at first, and then with increasing pressure, his tongue making slow languorous strokes in Jack's mouth. He pressed his body tight against Jack, as if determined to soak up his warmth, underneath the blankets. "So what do you want?" he whispered.

"Hmmmn?" Jack asked. He was sill caught in Daniel's mouth, distracted by Daniel's scent and taste. He was used to letting Daniel lead, Daniel wrapping his legs around him and pulling him down, with demanding hands and demanding words.

Daniel's cheeks was rough with stubble, as it brushed Jack's skin. "You're paying. You should get your money's worth, don't you think?"

Jack took a moment to think about this, as Daniel stretched his long body against him, waiting. "Roll over."

Abruptly Daniel rolled, onto his back with Jack following quick on top of him, Jack heavy and holding his wrists.

"Like that?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah," Jack said softly. "Spread your legs."

Wordlessly Daniel's thighs moved apart, as Jack's hands slid in between, upwards, cupping and stroking him inside crumpled khakis. Jack pressed his mouth against Daniel's, rough and urgent, forcing him to be still.

Daniel moaned, his hips rocking gently against Jack, pushing forward into the touch of Jack's fingers.

"I missed you today," Daniel murmured breathlessly.

"Yeah?" Jack asked him. His fingers still continued their smooth and certain motion, teasing Daniel into hardness. "How much?"

"A lot."

"How much?"

"A whole..." Daniel's last word turned into a gasp, as the full weight of Jack's body pressed against him. "Jack."

"God," Jack whispered, at the sounds Daniel was making, desperate moans that sparked a slow, hot fire inside him. "Listen to you. You're such a slut. Aren't you?" Kissing Daniel again, then letting go of him abruptly, rolling over onto his back.

Daniel sat up, and looked at him. One hand reached out, tugging at the elastic waist of Jack's pajamas. His eyes were dark with want and need, burning cold against Jack's skin. "Your slut," he said softly, and then took Jack in his mouth.

Jack groaned, sinking into the pillows as Daniel's tongue snaked across the head of his cock. Down the underside, then up again, as Daniel fingers dug into the skin of Jack's thighs. Daniel moaned, a vibration like a tiny earthquake against sensitive skin. Jack shuddered. He could feel Daniel shifting position, reaching for himself.

"Don't," he ordered.

Daniel shifted again, fingers stroking Jack, light against the heaviness at the base of his cock. Jack moaned, pushing deeper into Daniel's hot mouth with gentle hitching thrusts. His hand curled around the back of Daniel's head, with a gentle warm touch. Then the heat swallowed him, and he came, spurting into Daniel's mouth, hard and shaking.

Jack sat up and kissed him forcefully, tasting wet bitter salt. His hand reached inside Daniel's pants, taking hold of him between his fingers. Daniel arched and strained against him. "Slut," Jack whispered against the soft skin of his neck.

"Jack," Daniel murmured desperately. And then he let go, with a helpless whimper.

They collapsed together, limbs twined in the warm cotton sheets of Jack's bed. Daniel's breathing was relaxed, comfortable against Jack's skin. "Going to sleep now," he said drowsily.

Jack stroked him, absently where his hands touched Daniel's strong shoulders and arms. "You do that. I'm going to get up and start breakfast."

"Waffles?" Daniel asked.

"With strawberries," Jack answered, and then watched him drift into sleep.