nine p.m.

a Stargate SG-1 story

by dirty diana

a little more self-indulgence. mad beta love to sf fan.

The fabric of Daniel's jeans was rough against his fingers. The studs of the front pockets imprinted their shape against Jack's skin, metal turning warm underneath his touch. He inhaled, Daniel's full earth scent, and breathed out again.

He inhaled, Daniel's full earth-scent, and breathed out again. His mouth brushed the coarse edge of Daniel's thigh.

"Jack," Daniel's voice was low, reverberating in the almost-darkness of Jack's bedroom. "What are you doing?"

"I'm examining you," Jack answered. "Checking you for bruises. Wounds. Shrapnel."

"Loose change?"

"That would be cool," Jack agreed, as his fingers slipped southwards, measuring perfectly even seams down the length of Daniel's hipbone. "I always need quarters for the toll booth."

"I'm fine, Jack." The smile escaped the edges of Daniel's voice as he spoke, one hand reaching out to touch the tip of Jack's right ear. "The doctor said so."

"Could have missed something."



"I'm fine."

Jack sighed. He got to his feet, as Daniel's fingers pulled insistently on his shirt. "Are you sure?"

"Positive, Jack." Daniel's mouth touched Jack's with the lightest of assurances.

"You're not feeling even a little under the weather? No aches and pains?" Jack's fingers still continued their search, underneath the hem of Daniel's shirt.

"Why?" Daniel asked him. "Are you going to tuck me in and bring me chicken soup?"

"You don't like chicken soup."

"I might like it if you brought it to me in bed."

"Huh." Jack thought. "I like the in bed part.

"No kidding," Daniel whispered. Jack's fingers kept moving, denim, cotton, skin underneath a fine trail of hair, smooth raised scar. "I never would have guessed."

Jack scowled, but around the edges of his eyes he was smiling. "Hands over your head, Doctor Jackson."


"I'm putting you to bed. Hands up."

Daniel rolled his eyes, but his hands flew up obediently, as Jack pulled his shirt upwards and over Daniel's head. He tossed it to the ground.

Jack fumbled next at the buttons on Daniel's jeans, releasing them one by one under his thumb and index finger. Patiently Daniel watched Jack's ministrations.



"Was the store all out of chastity belts?"

The other edge of Daniel's mouth curled gently in response. "I never have any trouble with them, Jack. Maybe if you weren't in such a hurry..."

"A-ha." Jack tugged, and the last button came free in his grasp. The jeans and underwear dropped to the floor, pooling at Daniel's feet, and slowly he stepped out of them.

"That's it," Jack ordered. "To bed."

The sheets were already warm when Jack crawled underneath the covers, wearing just his jeans.

"Like a goddamn furnace," he murmured, curling around Daniel with his mouth against Daniel's ear. "Sure you're fine?"


"It was a long time, Daniel."

"It was a week."

"It felt like forever."

"I guess it would." Daniel stretched languidly against him, endless warm skin and deep even breaths. "You must have run out of loose change."

"I should have been there."

"You can't always be there."

They both inhaled, and let the subject fall.

The silence was calm and bottomless, Daniel curled into Jack's arms, heat stretching across his skin. Jack's fingers brushed mindlessly back and forth, against the back of Daniel's wrists.

"It might help," Jack said finally, "if you at least tried not to get captured."

"I try," Daniel said.

"Are you sure? Because it gets kind of hard to tell."

"Dammit, Jack," Daniel whispered, and rolled over, onto his belly, pushing Jack underneath him. His fingers tangle with Jack's, the both of them motionless. "What do you want me to say?"

Jack didn't answer, his world going blank and white, as his mouth pressed abruptly against Daniel's. Daniel's tongue snaked into his mouth, cool and sweet. Jack arched up to greet him, to fold into him, as Daniel's legs straddled his.

Jack's arms and chest pressed close to Daniel's naked body, too hot and sweat-slick as Daniel whispered his name.

Jack breathed out, hard, as his cock twitched inside his jeans.

Suddenly Daniel released his wrists, his thumb resting briefly on the corner of Jack's mouth as he kissed him. Then his hands dropped to Jack's waist, quickly sliding down the zipper on Jack's pants.

"See how easy that was?" Jack asked.

"Shut up," Daniel murmured with a smile, as his hand slipped inside, resting warmly against Jack's swelling cock. Daniel rocked against him, his own cock rising hard against Jack's skin.

"I'm just saying. If you..."

"You're not the prettiest nurse I've ever had," Daniel interrupted, strong hand working a slow teasing rhythm as Jack's breath drew faster, exhaling in the incline of Daniel's neck. "But you're definitely the most talkative."

"Wait." Jack frowned, then released a shy groan, as Daniel's mouth bit down hard on his left nipple. "Who...who's prettier than I am?"

"Never mind," Daniel whispered, releasing Jack suddenly from his grasp. Then his mouth covered Jack's again, with slow, wet kisses.

Jack's hands moved to rest in the centre of Daniel's back, pulling Daniel to him as they moved together, in a steady, unhurried rhythm.

There was no sound in the room but the rustling sheets and their own desperate breathing. Jack's need grew with every stroke, Daniel's taste, Daniel's smell, Daniel's scent that surrounded him.

He groaned, and thrust his hips upwards, pressed against Daniel until there was nothing left.


"Shhhh," Daniel whispered, and then climaxed against him. Hot, sticky across Jack's belly and cock and thighs. Jack moaned gently, thrusting into the wetness, and came with him.

They were both still for long moments, still and breathing.

"Daniel?" Jack asked finally. His hands still clung to Daniel's skin, even as his body ached under the weight.

"Mmmmn," Daniel grunted, and rolled over, his eyelids fluttering shut. "I'm just going to lie here for a bit. But you should probably get up and get started on my chicken soup."

Jack rolled his eyes. "You're very demanding, Doctor Jackson."

"Wait and see how demanding I get when I'm recuperating," Daniel said, then pulled all the sheets around him, and settled in to bed.