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Despite and Still

standing still, despite everything. Jack/Daniel, rated R.

East of Eden

There is only one story in the world. Crossover with Atlantis. Spoilers for Absolute Power. Jack/Daniel, rated R.


In which Sam and Daniel are very, very naughty. Sam/Daniel, rated a hard R.


My first Stargate story. Jack/Daniel, pre-slash, rated G.


They almost don't make it home. Jack/Daniel, rated PG-13.


The gangster AU. Cameron/Sam/Daniel, rated NC-17. Lots of violence.

Love Song #3

Love, angst, and sex under the influence of an alien device. So basically every other story that you've ever read, except with rain. Jack/Daniel, rated NC-17 


In the movies, the hero always gets the girl at the end. Implied Jack/Sam/Daniel, rated PG.

Rise and Ride

Jack is in Washington and Daniel is lost. Or Daniel is in Washington and Jack is lost. One of those two. Jack/Daniel, rated R.


"It's like the armbands are interfering with our ability to make rational choices." Sam/Daniel, rated PG-13.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream/never ever end of all this love. Sam/Daniel, rated NC-17.


Jack is losing this argument. Kink warning. Jack/Daniel, rated NC-17.

The Thong Story

A story about Daniel's underwear. No, seriously. Jack/Daniel, rated NC-17

three a.m. - eleven a.m. - nine p.m.

Jack and Daniel, when they're at home. Jack/Daniel, rated NC-17.

Wash Away - Only Mercy

Hold me beneath your body, all night and day. Jack/Daniel, rated a hard R.

Walk on Water

Cameron is getting used to Colorado. Sort of. A first-time story. Cameron/Daniel, rated NC-17.

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