a Stargate SG-1 story

by dirty diana

Beta'd by the all-purpose sffan, bless her. For Ximeria's Access All Areas challenge, the goal of which was to get someone laid on base. Woo for kinky public sex.

She has been inside the mountain since almost sunup, and craving this shower since noon. Her sigh of relief as the spray of hot water hits her body echoes, against the tiles inside the empty shower stall. She showers quickly, out of habit. Then she towels off, and gets dressed again.

The door swings open while her back is turned, and she jumps at the sound.

"Daniel," she says in surprise.

"Sam." Daniel barely looks at her, as he glances around the room. "No one else here?"

"Who would be here? Sergeant Louis is off-world, Lieutenant Matthews is on leave, and Janet doesn't use this place."

"Good." He moves towards her, and takes her in his arms without warning, his hands around her waist. Sam lets out a surprised breath, as her body is pressed against the locker. Then Daniel kisses her, hard until she is breathless.

She tries to pull away from him. "Daniel," she says, "in about five minutes, this is going to be the men's locker room again, and this place is going to be filled with five sweaty, dirty members of SG-8."

"I know," he tells her. "I meant to get here ten minutes ago. General Hammond waylaid me with requisition forms."

Her mouth almost drops open. "You were making plans to feel me up in the locker room?"

Daniel shakes his head. His hands are big, she's always noticed that. They feel big, pushing underneath her shirt, traveling lightly over bare skin.

"Not feel you up," he says, and he frees one hand briefly to make a swift dropping motion. She is light with that image suddenly, Daniel on his knees for her. "And not in the locker room. The shower."

"Oh." She needs a moment for that image too, her wet body sliding in Daniel's hands.

Her hair is still wet, hanging damp on her forehead and the back of her neck. Daniel's fingers touch the moist, sensitive slope of her neck. "Apples," he murmurs.


"You smell like apples."

"Oh. Conditioner. It's my conditioner." It takes a moment for Sam to pull away from Daniel's gaze. She tries another approach. "If someone catches us, I'll be off SG-1 faster than you can say 'fraternization'."

"Uh huh," Daniel agrees, in the distracted tone that meant he has considered all the possible outcomes, and dismissed most of them as irrelevant. His mouth is soft, buried against her neck.

"Daniel," Sam says again, in protest. "Dan...oh."

She is distracted in a second, by Daniel's thumb sweeping over her breast, caressing the nipple through her bra.

Sam lets out a low sigh, her mind quickly switching from protestations to logistics as she watches the door. "This just isn't going to work. We've only got five minutes."

Daniel snaps open the button on her BDUs, one hand finding its way quickly into her panties. "I only need five minutes."

She laughs at him then, her body vibrating against his touch. "Getting kind of cocky there, Doctor Jackson."

His mouth quirks upwards, in a half-smile.

She laughs again. "Over-confident. I meant, you appear to be suffering from a case of over-confidence."

"I know what you meant." His fingers brush her inner thigh. "And the answer is yes, to both." He pushes closer, and she gasps at the feel of him against her, solid and wanting.

She wants badly for him to just take her right there, up against the lockers with their uniforms pushed down around their thighs. She settles instead for pushing her tongue deeper into his mouth, and feeling him respond. Daniel leans in again, letting her take control. She takes his mouth with a sweet lazy rhythm.

His hand cups her inside her panties, the warm damp mounds of her spilling into his hand. His hand slides back and forth.

She fucked him this morning before breakfast, on warm tangled sheets. That was slow and easy, the both of them waking up to each other's touch.

This is nothing like that, the rhythm restless, hot and quick. Sam moans, her thighs spreading to let him in.

His fingers circle roughly against her. Sam is nearly dizzy, as the heat spirals and builds inside her.

His index finger slides easily inside her. She moans, holding onto him, his kisses still swirling inside her mouth. Then a second finger follows, Daniel's hand moving in short slippery thrusts. Sam's breath is coming faster, every movement sending sparks of warmth and light though her as she arches into him.

Sam gasps. Daniel knows, he slides one hand over her open mouth to muffle the sound, and then she breaks, in one hard hot rush that takes her over.

"You," she says breathlessly, as he lets her go. The hem of his jacket covers his erection.

"I," he says, "will see you tonight."

She pretends to frown. "I don't know. I'm in the middle of running some tests, and I should probably..."

Daniel responds by kissing her again, one hand reaching between her thighs and squeezing hard. Sam gasps, as the aftershocks roll through her without mercy.

"See you tonight?" he asks gently.

Sam nods, wordless for a moment. "You better be buying me dinner first," she says with a smile.

He smiles back. "Don't I always?"

And then he jumps back, as the door swings wide open, and heavy combat boots walk through.

"Sorry, Major. My watch says sixteen oh two."

"It's okay," Carter tells the sergeant. "I'm done. Just give me one moment."

Sam glances at Daniel, but Daniel isn't looking at her, fumbling the combination on his locker door.

He is blushing, but just barely.

Samantha gathers up her gear, and slams her door shut.

"It's all yours, guys."

"Have a good day, Major."

"Yeah," Daniel finally glances up. "Have a good day, Sam." His voice is tone-neutral, and deceptively soft.

She wills herself not to smile too hard. She is still warm all over, from the shower and from Daniel's hands on her body. "I will."