the fast and the furious

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Brian likes it fast. Roman/Brian, rated NC-17.


Things you let go. Roman/Brian and Dom/Brian, rated R.


Rome knows what Brian likes. Roman/Brian, rated a hard R.

Fast Forward

Brian's not driving fast enough. Roman/Brian, rated a hard R.


Guilty skin. Guilty hearts. Mia/Brian and Mia/Roman, rated R.


Rome can't get used to the weather in Miami. Roman/Brian, rated PG.

In da Club (2 Fast Remix)

Rome can't take Brian anywhere. Roman/Brian, rated NC-17. In three parts.


A broken air-conditioner and an unmade bed. Roman/Brian, rated NC-17.

Red Sky at Night

Anything boys can do. Mia/Letty, rated NC-17.


The contrelamontre kiss challenge. Roman/Brian, rated R.


crossover with pop. In which Brian is pretty and Justin is friendly. Or Justin is pretty and Brian is friendly. One of those two. Brian/Justin and Justin/Lance, rated NC-17

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