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Apples and Oranges

Another day on Serenity. Simon's working hard. Simon/Inara, rated PG.

Around the Clouds

After the war, after everything. Takes place post Big Damn Movie. Mal/Zoe, rated PG-13.

Before She Floats Away

Holding on. River/Kaylee, rated NC-17.


Leaving. Three stories. Mal/Saffron, rated R.

Clear Disguise

River is hiding. River/Kaylee, rated NC-17.


Stranded. For my clichefic challenge. Simon/Jayne, rated PG. 

Down to the Wanting

It comes down to the wanting. And Simon wants Jayne. Simon/Jayne, rated NC-17.

Emergence - Convergence

The devil's in the dreaming. Fantasy warning. Mal/Simon, rated NC-17. 

Evens and Odds

Even cowgirls get the blues. Crossover with Farscape. Zoe/Aeryn. implied Zoe/Wash and John/Aeryn, rated PG-13 for themes.


Simon's got a fever. Mal/Simon, rated NC-17

Flesh and Bone

Sometimes there's nothing else. Mal/Simon, Jayne/Simon, rated NC-17.

The Good Wife

How to be good. Simon/Saffron and implied other stuff, rated NC-17.

Here With Me

River worries sometimes that she has forgotten how to dance. Simon/River, rated PG-13 for themes.

In the Dark: Conversations - Apologies - Confessions - Conclusions

Not everything is clear. Mal/Simon, Simon/Jayne, Mal/Inara, rated NC-17. In four parts.

Keng Hay Fat Choy

River gives Kaylee  a New Year's present. River/Kaylee, rated NC-17.

The Last Time They Met

She's waiting. Mal and Saffron, rated PG.

Like This

Kaylee fits. River/Kaylee, rated R. 

Mangoes on Boros

Six drabbles. Inara/Kaylee, rated PG-13.

Never Forever

It never is. River/Kaylee, rated G.

Planetfall - Planetfall with commentary

The ground beneath her feet. Inara/Simon, rated PG-13.

Rock and a Hard Place: River - Simon - Kaylee

Something has to give. River/Kaylee, Kaylee/Simon, rated PG. In three parts.

the shadow that you're standing on

Zoe deals. Simon is there, doing the same. Simon/Zoe, rated PG-13.


post-"Objects in Space." Kaylee/Simon, rated NC-17.


River can't sleep. River/Kaylee, rated PG-13.

The Speed of Choices

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Mal/Simon, rated NC-17


Mal has something to prove. Contains bondage. Mal/Inara, rated NC-17.

Unification Day

Mal needs rescuing. Mal/Simon, rated NC-17.

Waiting for Morning

It never goes smooth. Genfic, rated PG.

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