due south

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Right now these are all ds_flashfiction entries.


The courtesy challenge. Fraser/RayK, rated NC-17.


The darkness challenge. Rated NC-17.

First Breath

The darkness challenge. I think. I have a bad memory. Fraser/RayK. Rated PG.


Ray's got something to tell. The miracles challenge. Fantasy warning. Fraser/RayK. Rated NC-17.

His Latest Flame

The underwear challenge. Fraser/RayK, rated PG.

Item One

The porn challenge. Fraser/RayK, rated NC-17.

Last Night

The cliche challenge. Fraser/RayK, rated NC-17.

The Thing to Do

The elevator challenge. Fraser/RayK, rated PG.


Drunk in Casablanca. Fraser/Victoria, rated NC-17.


The document challenge. Genfic, rated PG.


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