Mountain Refuge
by  J. M. Griffin

Author's email:
Pairing: Mal/Simon
Rated: NC-17
Warnings: none
Summary: Stuck in a mountain cave during a snow storm, Mal and Simon discover ways to heat things up.
Author's notes: Thanks so much to SF Fan and Shadow12458 for the beta work. All mistakes, of course, are mine alone.

Mal could have kicked himself when he realized they were stranded. The snow was coming down hard, the wind whipping it sideways so it slashed skin and got inside clothing. The walk back to the pick-up point should have only taken a few hours. In this mess, it could take days.

Simon was a few steps in front of him, trudging along doggedly, head bent against the cutting air. They didn't have the right kind of clothes or supplies for this, Mal knew. This was bad, very bad indeed, since the atmospheric conditions of this planet made communication iffy at best.

"Captain, look, I think it's a cave." Simon had turned back to face Mal, but the wind whipped his words away almost as fast as he could form them. He waited until he and the captain were almost nose to nose before he shouted again, "Cave."

Mal nodded his understanding. When they'd come this way two day before, they'd noted the many caves dotting the mountainside, even talked about exploring one. They hadn't, as there had been arrangements to make with the Mountain Lord Algarin. The man had insisted they come to him, and since the man had been talking some big bucks, Mal had agreed. Then Algarin had asked them to bring their medic because his favorite daughter was ill. So, of course, Simon had agreed to go along with Mal. And, of course, he'd cured the child, or close enough to it, anyway.

They'd left with the grateful father's gold in their packs and a chance for more when the actual job was done -- but only if they lived through this snowstorm.

Ten steps into the cave and the roar of the wind dulled. Twenty more and it was a dim moan.

"Hey, Simon, this is far enough," Mal called.

But Simon went forward a few more steps and knelt, shining his flashlight on something on the cave floor in front of him. Mal came to see and made a face at the pile of bones that had once been a man.

"That's not going to happen to us," he said firmly.

Simon lifted his eyes to look deeply into Mal's.

"Believe it," Mal said. "We ain't gonna to die here. Now take off that gorram pack and let's see what we got to burn."

They ended up using pages from one of Simon's medical books as kindling. There was wood stacked in a little niche in the cave, so the old bones probably hadn't died of exposure. Mal just hoped there wasn't something hungry living in the bowels of this cavern.

They huddled by the fire, both of them holding out their hands, trying to get warm.

Mal realized Simon hadn't said two words since they'd come in out of the wind.

"You did good back there. With the girl, I mean."

Simon raised his chin and looked across the tiny fire at him. "She had butterbird pox. Kids don't usually die of it."

"Hey, but you stopped the itching. Made her father happy. Got us a real good gig. You done good," Mal said.

Simon nodded and the movement turned into a violent shiver that wracked his body.

Mal pressed his lips together, then sighed. "Come round over here. We're gonna have to share body heat. Come on, I won't bite."

Simon came around the fire, moving more like a skittish animal than someone stiff with cold. Mal reached up and grabbed Simon's wrist and pulled the younger man down to sit beside him. Then he maneuvered until he had their packs in place so he could lean against them.

"Sit here," he commanded. Simon's eyes widened as Mal patted the tail of his duster between his widespread legs. "Come on, we gotta do this or freeze. *Come on, * Simon."

Simon moved stiffly, but he crawled over Mal's legs and settled down between them, leaning back gingerly against Mal's chest. Mal started to put his arms around him, but Simon pulled away almost immediately.

"What?" Mal asked, but he understood when Simon shrugged out of his overcoat, then leaned back again, pulling the coat over both of them.

They sat very still then, not talking. Mal shifted a little to get more comfortable. He liked the feel and smell of Simon's dark hair against his face, but it was tickling his nose. Simon turned a bit in his embrace.

"You okay, Captain?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," Mal whispered into the shell of Simon's ear. He was more than okay, for though he hated to admit it even to himself, he'd wanted Simon in his arms for a long time now. All the way back to the day he'd first seen the young doctor, standing so aloof and alone on Serenity's gangplank, Mal had wanted Simon so badly, it kept him awake many a night.

Like many ship captains, it was his rule not to bed a member of his crew. He thought sometimes it might be the best thing if he did it with Jayne - show the merc who was master of Serenity once and for all, but that seemed more trouble than it was worth. Kaylee was too much like a little sister, Zoe was his fellow soldier and, anyway, she and Wash had each other. Inara, now that had seemed a possiblity for a while, as she wasn't actually his crew, but their relationship had been prickly of late, and somehow Mal's passion for the lovely woman had waned since the Tams had come aboard.

River Tam was moon-touched, and just a little girl, really. But Simon Tam, ah, Simon was as beautiful as a man could be without being effeminate. He had long slim hands, and surprisingly broad shoulders for his frame, his waist was narrow and his pants showed off his rounded ass very nicely....

Simon shifted between Mal's legs, rubbing that lovely ass against Mal's crotch, making the captain realize that his cock had filled while he'd sat drowsing and thinking. Mal did a little shifting of his own, because it just didn't seem right, this was about staying warm and alive not....



"You okay?"

Mal knew he was blushing and he was glad Simon was facing away from him.

"Uhh, sorry. I'm just...cold." Mal moved again, trying to find a way to keep his cock from pressing against Simon's ass.

"No, you're not," Simon turned in his arms, just enough to look Mal in one eye. "You're...,"

"Tzao gao, Simon, I'm sorry. All this close proximity has me...."

"Hot and bothered."

"Ahem, well, yeah, I guess. Sorry."

"You've said that three times already, what are you sorry for?" Simon's voice had gone soft, of a sudden, and Mal bent his head down so he could hear him better. That was when the young man kissed him, just a brief brush of lips against his jaw, but a kiss all the same.

Mal scooted down until he was reclining more than sitting, at the same time sliding his hands along Simon's upper arms, urging the doctor to turn in his embrace. Simon held himself rigid for a moment, then gave a small sigh and relaxed against him.

"You know," Mal said, "you know I've wanted...."

"Me, too," Simon breathed.

Thinking it couldn't be that easy, nothing was that easy, Mal ducked his head and kissed Simon. When Simon's lips parted, Mal had a falling sensation in the pit of his belly as he delved into that hot cavern. He sucked Simon's tongue and explored his teeth, and it was as natural as breathing - which they were doing as best they could into each other's mouth's, because Simon, it seemed, was as loath as Mal to let the kiss end.

Simon's hands gripped Mal's upper arms hard, and he groaned into Mal's mouth, and the falling sensation turned into a tightness in Mal's balls.

"Whoa," he whooshed, as he pulled away from Simon's lips.

"Uhhhhnnn," was all Simon had to say.

Mal could feel the young man hard against him, now that he wasn't so taken in by Simon's incredible mouth. He could also feel the fine tremors of arousal running through Simon's slim body.

This was insanity and broke just about every rule he had for himself. But, somehow, it seemed the right thing for Mal to bend his head and kiss Simon again, on the corner of his mouth, as he worked his hand down to the zip of the doc's black pants. Simon arched his back, pushing himself against Mal's fingers.

"Easy, easy," Mal whispered, and his thoughts were of gentling a horse, a spirited young black thing, all legs and rolling eyes. Wo de tian a, he had it bad for the boy.

Then his hand was inside Simon's pants, wrapped around his full shaft. Mal pressed his mouth against Simon's parted lips, slipped inside again, into that lush heat. Simon began sucking his tongue eagerly, and Mal had some small notion that this was new ground for the serious young man in his arms, and that, maybe, Simon - all of what - twenty-two or three, was a virgin to sex.

Simon's hands were in his hair, pulling a bit too tightly, but Mal savored the feel, the utter intensity of the boy-man's passion. He kept on kissing him, even as he ran his fingers over his cock, slid a hand to cup his balls, feeling them tighten, and listening to Simon gasp so hard their mouths disengaged. Mal made a tunnel of his right hand, beginning to pump, while he slid the left around that sweet ass, and into that sweaty crack, while Simon shivered and moaned, his fingers now digging into Mal's shoulders as he rode Mal's hand.

Mal wasn't at all surprised when Simon began to pant even harder, and then his whole body stiffened and he cried out, shooting his load onto Mal's shirted belly. When the shudders had finally left him, Simon ducked his head, nuzzling into the hollow of Mal's shoulder. Not worrying about the sticky mess between them, Mal just wrapped his arms around the pliant body and, closing his eyes, he let himself doze.

He woke with a start when cold air swirled around his body. Simon was standing over him, pulling the coat back up over Mal's shoulders.

"The fire needs wood, and, uh, I have to pee," he explained.

Mal watched as Simon poked at the fire, adding more wood and a tightly rolled page of text. He liked the way Simon's pants stretched over his thighs as he squatted. The fire's glow highlighted Simon's high cheek bones and made his eyes dance with light when he flicked his gaze to Mal's and smiled rather sheepishly, like he knew he was being watched and liked it. Mal was sorry when the young man got up and walked toward the back of the cave out of the area lit by the fire.

When he came back into the light, Simon was shivering, but when he reached Mal, he hesitated.

"Stop being an ass and get back in here under the coat," Mal snarled.

Simon rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. His body and clothing were icy cold, and contact with them made Mal shiver.

"Sorry," Simon whispered.

"Now look who's saying sorry," Mal teased. "We gotta do something to get warm again," he added, running his hands up and down Simon's arms to try and warm him up. Simon slid Mal's suspenders off his shoulders and started fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. "Don't put those cold hands on me," the captain warned, but that didn't stop Simon, and Mal yelped at his first touch. But it wasn't long before what Simon was doing with his hands overrode the cold.

Simon skimmed his hands over Mal's pecs and down his sides, his fingers spread wide as he explored the texture of Mal's skin, the feel of muscles under the fine skin. He felt Mal flinch as if it tickled when he brushed his abdomen, so Simon firmed his touch, making it more possessive.

Mal was beautiful, he thought. Where the sun didn't touch it, the man's skin was smooth and quite fair, and he must have been a blonde when he was a little boy. There was sprinkling of freckles on his shoulders. Simon leaned down to kiss a prominent dot.

It seemed unreal to get to touch Mal this way. He'd had a bad case of hero worship going for the captain for some time now. Yet, he knew Mal was fallible. Tarnished even. And ofttimes fussy and moody. He was also the man who had grudgingly agree to allow Simon and his sister to stay aboard Serenity, and then gone to huge lengths to ensure Serenity remained a safe haven for them. It didn't hurt that Mal was tall with broad shoulders and an ever-so-slight swagger of his trim hips and that his tawny pants skimmed nicely over his rear. It was more that Simon had considered the captain to be off limits, and he'd never even dreamed of being allowed such intimacy as he was taking right now. Well, maybe he had dreamed that part, yes, but never truly imagined it could be. Not in real life.

But this wasn't actually real life, was it, Simon thought as he ducked his head and sucked gently at Mal's tiny erect nipple. If things were business as usual on Serenity, he'd never have been allowed so close, and he wasn't going to let the opportunity pass him by.

Mal groaned softly, and Simon looked up to see the captain had his eyes closed. His fists were clenched in the material of Simon's shirt sleeves, and his back was arched. It was the most erotic thing Simon had ever seen. He licked a trail down Mal's stomach, loving how the thin skin there seemed to tighten beneath his touch. When his hands went to the buttons of Mal's pants, he found the man's erection was pushing the material so tightly it was hard to get the buttons undone. Mal hissed when the last one came open and Simon was rewarded with the sight of his fat cock popping out.

There was nothing for it but to duck his head and take it into his mouth. Mal was cut (a barbaric custom practiced on the planet the man was from) and Simon was entranced by the spongy feel of that unguarded tip in his mouth.

He'd never had a man's cock in his mouth, just like he'd not tasted a woman's oyster softness. He'd been so focused on his education, and then on his practice, and then on his sister, River's, plight, he'd just never gotten around to these pleasures. It seemed fitting he'd lost his virginity to Captain Malcolm Reynolds. So many things had come to fruition in Mal's presence, it made sense this would, too.

"Simon," Mal hissed between gritted teeth. "Gorram it, don't stop now."

Which made Simon realize he was simply holding Mal in his mouth, not moving at all. He rectified that, licking down the sides of Mal's cock, curling his fingers around its girth when he began to suck in earnest. He only hoped he was doing it right; he'd done a lot of reading, and from Mal's soft cries, he thought perhaps he was getting the knack of it. After all, he was known for being a quick learner. He could tell Mal was holding back, for though the man's hands had come down to cup Simon's head, his fingers only framed his ears gently. Once, Mal forgot himself and jerked his hips up hard as Simon was moving down, and though it forced the fat head of Mal's cock down his throat, he relaxed and didn't let it make him gag. Mal moaned in response, and Simon grinned around his mouthful, thinking the lack of a strong gag reflex was a great thing to possess. He felt it when Mal finally lost control, and had just enough time to brace himself when the bigger man jerked and stiffened and came in spurts that Simon swallowed noisily.

It was a while before Mal's breathing slowed again. Simon stayed very still, stretched over the man, and the rhythm of his heart was a soothing beat in Simon's ear. He never wanted to move, but Mal did finally, and Simon slipped to his side, with his head in the crook of Mal's shoulder, and one arm and one leg still thrown him. The coat barely covered them both, and they pressed tightly together in their own little tent of heat.

Then Mal gave a satisfied sigh. "Thank you," he whispered into Simon's hair.

"Mmmm." Simon thought he should say something more, but he was drowsy and content, so he just nuzzled Mal's chest and left it at that.

He woke to find Mal crouched over him, shaking his shoulder.

"Simon, I got through to the ship. It's time to go," Mal said when Simon stopped blinking.

"Huh? How'd that happen," Simon asked muzzily.

"The storm's over; somehow the winds cleared the atmosphere enough for communications to go through," Mal explained. "Here, put your coat on."

Sitting up with a groan, Simon began to shrug on the overcoat that had been draped over him. Then he realized he was sitting on Mal's duster. "Oh, sorry," he said as he scrambled to his feet, then bent to pick up Mal's long brown coat. Mal took it from his outstretched hand and slipped it on. As he did, Simon couldn't help but note that the front of Mal's shirt was stained with something whitish and stiff.

Mal cast his own eyes down to where Simon was looking. "I think I best button up good," he drawled. "No sense begging comment."

Simon nodded, but didn't look up.

He heard, rather than saw, Mal step toward him.

"Simon?" Mal had his fingers under Simon's chin, raising it so the younger man was forced to bring his eyes up.

Still, Simon avoided Mal's eyes, but the captain wasn't backing down on this, that was obvious by the implacable set of his mouth. And Simon gave up and lifted his gaze.

"Can we keep this just between us, for a bit?" Mal asked, his voice unexpectedly soft to Simon's ears.


"Simon, xin gan, I want...I don't want...," Mal's breath puffed against Simon's face, he was that close, his fingers were still holding Simon's chin.

So Simon leaned in, closing the gap between them, and, as their lips met, Mal slipped his hand behind Simon's head, taking ownership as he drew Simon's tongue into his mouth and sucked hard. When Mal released him, Simon rocked back on his heels, his head reeling and his body aflame.

Mal stood before him, breathing unevenly, his mouth still slightly open, looking at Simon with an odd expression on his face. Simon couldn't be sure, but he thought it was something akin to the look he often saw on Mal's face when the captain gazed at Serenity when she was sitting at dock. It was a gaze full of possession and, maybe, love.

Simon closed his eyes and opened them again quickly, and the look was still there. He reached out and briefly touched Mal's lower lip with the tips of two fingers. "I'll try," he said softly.

Mal gave a sharp nod of his head, and then cleared his throat. "Best we get going, then," he said, and there was an timbre to Mal's voice that made Simon understand that Mal was feeling things as deeply as he.

They gathered up their packs, put out the fire, and walked out the cave, side by side.