This One Time, at a Hotel
by Kellygirl

Disclaimer: No money being made, no infringement intended
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Simon/Mal
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A/N: Thanks to Sffan for the beta and catching the umm direction of certain things.

Simon paid no attention to the small sound his head made as it hit the door. All his attention was focused on the man kissing him like it was a lifelong wish. He rested his hands on Mal's shoulders while Mal rested his hands on Simon's ass. Simon continued to lick and twirl his tongue around Mal's while he let his other senses focus on the man before him.

He could smell heat, alcohol, and something sharp bordering on spicy and he wanted to get Mal naked and search out that scent and drown himself in it. He felt Mal shift and the door clicked open and he fell into the room but with Mal still attached to him, he didn't fall on the floor. They stopped kissing and Simon got a glance at Mal's room. Lots of space, done in dark greens and maroons, beautiful bed.

He must have said that part out loud because Mal replied, "I'm glad you like that bed since once you get on it you ain't getting off it for awhile."

"Oh, really? What all did you have planned, Mal?"

Simon got a headshake and the gleam from Mal's eyes had him backing towards the iron four poster bed. He ended up poised to sit down and watched Mal take off his suspenders and start to unbutton his shirt.

"It wasn't me that planned this. All that talk you were busy doing downstairs? Did you think I wouldn't want me a piece of that action?" One large hand pushed Simon down onto the bed. "I want to see what your limit is, Doc. See if I can make you beg for it."

Simon's body stilled and although he was a little tipsy he remembered the conversation they'd had after everyone had left. Subtle looks had grown quickly to suggestive smiles and Simon, made bold by drink had stated he'd wanted to be tied down and blindfolded by a man that knew what to do with him. He especially remembered the smirk on Mal's face because he was wearing it right now.

He watched Mal walk over to a dresser where a small package lay. He unwrapped the package and turned around. Simon looked at what he held and swallowed nervously. One strip of material was sheer but heavy and the other two strips looked to be made out of silk. He met Mal's eyes and the blue seemed to sear into his soul.

"Take off your clothes, Simon."

He didn't argue with Mal, just did what he said, efficiently and quickly. At a gesture from Mal he moved to the middle of the bed. He looked his fill of Mal's body as he finished undressing and shook his head at what was revealed. Mal straddled his waist and quirked an eyebrow at the frown on his face.

"Um…you know I'm a doctor right? Top three percent?" At Mal's nod Simon looked down at the other man's lap, before meeting Mal's eyes again.

"That? Is not going to fit."

Simon shivered at the warm breath that puffed around his ear.

"You let me worry about that, baobei. When it's time, it'll fit and you'll love every inch."

Simon was sobering up fast and the strip of dark material Mal tied around his eyes helped. He could barely feel it across his face and it turned Mal into a dark shape that loomed over him like an evil genie. He felt a hot kiss on his fingers before his hand was gently tied to the bed.

The same was done to his other hand and tension Simon didn't even know he had poured out of him, making him feel boneless and at the mercy of whatever Mal had planned. He had to be in control so much and now Mal was offering him the chance to be controlled, to trust that Mal would handle everything.

He couldn't use his hands and all he could see were shadows so sight and using his hands were out of the picture. Simon felt cool hands touch him lightly, stroking and learning his body, going over certain areas again and again when he made a soft noise or trembled. Small touches to his cock by something wet and warm had him flexing his arms in anticipation.

"Shh, don't worry, Simon. I'm going to take care of you. You know that don't you?"

Simon nodded then gasped as Mal deep throated him and began to suck him hard and fast. His hips rose off the bed and callused hands pressed them back down. The suction and soft lapping of a strong tongue had him yelling Mal's name and coming hard, shaking and still half-aroused when he felt Mal swallowing every drop.

Simon was breathing hard but that didn't stop him from kissing Mal when the other man carefully laid on him and put his mouth over his, sharing the taste and the feel of his release with him. He felt protected and warm and safe here in Mal's bed and he couldn't wait to experience what Mal would do next.

His eyes were open behind the blindfold but he could only see Mal reaching for something before pulling Simon's legs apart and kneeling between them. Warm slick liquid was poured on the opening to his body before knowing fingers teased him by circling and pressing but not entering him. A hot shadow hovered over him and licked his chest and neck. He arched his neck back further wanting more of the teasing lips and clever tongue.

A voice, hot and seductive poured into his ear.

"You want me to fuck you? You want everything I have pounding into you?"

Simon nodded his head and the fingers that were teasing his cock and balls now teased him from the inside. He loved the feel of Mal's big fingers stroking slowly in and out of him. Light scrapes against his prostate, with the promise of more had him gasping and trying to follow the fingers. The laugh Mal gave made Simon think of shadowed fevered wet dreams he'd had as a teenager.

Those dreams had always featured a faceless man tormenting him to the brink before letting him come. Back then he'd woken to change his sheets and hope no one noticed.

Mal started to enter him and Simon arched his back at the sensation of the heavy, slick, and hard cock pressing inwards, stretching him almost to the point of pain. He made a strangled noise and remembered how big Mal had looked earlier. His body tried to move away from the pressure as Mal continued to slowly enter him. He shook his head, wanting to stop as much as he wanted to continue. He stilled when Mal rubbed his stomach and slid in to the hilt.

Simon waited for Mal to thrust but the only thing that moved were the other man's hands, touching and brushing various parts of Simon's body. He realized Mal was soothing him and giving him time to get used to having Mal in his body. He sighed as his body began to relax and then cursed in shock when Mal moved and sparks seemed to appear behind his eyelids.

"Told you I would take care of you, Simon. Wouldn't hurt you. I hurt you and you won't want to spread for me again." A small twist of Mal's hips and Simon moaned. "And I think I'll want this again and again."

Mal sped up and with each stroke brushed over a spot inside him that had Simon crying out over and over. He flexed his arms, wanting to touch Mal, to touch himself but he couldn't, he could only take each thrust as it entered his body lighting nerves on fire and making him want more.

A hand grazed his forehead and the blindfold was removed. In the low lighting Simon blinked at the fierce expression on Mal's face. He moved his eyes down Mal's body tracking the sweat that covered them both. His eyes zeroed in on his own cock when Mal brushed it lightly with a thumb. He met Mal's eyes and saw a demand lurking there. He bit his lip while trying to figure out what Mal wanted from him. Long strokes and small twists of Mal's hips had Simon shaking and gasping.

Simon curled his legs around Mal's waist and got a thumb brushing his cock again in response. With a quick flash Simon remembered Mal's earlier words about begging. He could hardly think, much less form words to beg Mal to let him come.

"Mal, oh God, Mal, please Mal."

That seemed to be enough and his cock was pulled and squeezed in rhythm to the thrusts that were close to shaking the entire bed. Simon opened his mouth for Mal and got a short hot kiss before Mal raised back up and started to jerk him off faster and faster. Simon wanted it slow but he couldn't say anything and the weight in his balls told him he was coming now whether he wanted to or not. He felt the hot splashes land on his stomach and chest.

Simon breathed deep and fast, trying to slow down his galloping heart but that wasn't going to happen. Especially with the sight of Mal licking his hand clean of Simon's come. Mal finished giving his own hand a tongue bath and sent Simon the dirtiest smile Simon had ever seen on another human being. Mal shifted position until he was on his knees and looming over Simon, his hands wrapped around the iron headboard and he began slamming into Simon's body.

Simon's body was soaked in sweat and Mal's hips fit perfectly between his legs. Simon couldn't scream or moan, all he could do was whimper at the powerful shocks to his body. The bed hit the wall loudly and it made him hotter that he could bring Mal to this point. He'd never felt anything like this. His body belonged to Mal and they both knew it. He watched Mal throw his head back, body freezing for a moment and when the other man moaned, Simon moaned too at the feel of Mal coming and pulsing deep into his body.

He closed his eyes when Mal collapsed on him both their bodies slippery and hearts racing. He cleared his throat a few times and when Mal looked at him he nodded towards his wrists and Mal pulled out of him and untied him. Simon worked the muscles in his arms a little before brushing his hand over Mal's chest.

"Well, this turned into a remarkable night. I'll have to get a little drunk and make more remarks."

Mal snorted and slapped him lightly on the ass. "Better be only to me, or you'll find my dangerous side."

Simon squirmed deeper into the plush bed and made sure his ass brushed Mal's groin a few times.

"Mmm, I wouldn't dream of telling anyone else what I want." He turned around and threw a tired arm around Mal's neck.

"Maybe next time I can tie you up." He got a deep rumble and small lick on his neck.

"Make sure you pack those wrist bindings when we leave."

The End.