stargate atlantis

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Clint Eastwood

Cowgirls in the sand, and other reasons not to let go. Sheppard/Weir and Ford/Heightmeyer, rated NC-17.


the debriefing challenge. Ronon/Weir, rated NC-17.

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead: Five Ways John and Elizabeth Almost Make It

They've held on for so long already. Sheppard/Weir, rated NC-17.


The aliens made them do it. Or that's what they'll tell people. Sheppard/Weir, rated R.

Five Ways John Sheppard Gets Laid

Pathos and Eros on Atlantis. Sheppard/various, rated R.

Letting It Go

Ford is asking for it. Sheppard/Ford, rated NC-17 with a mild kink warning.


Ronon knows that he's still on probation. Ronon/Sheppard, rated NC-17.


Valentines and cautious hearts. Ronon/Weir, rated R.

Thirteen Days

New galaxy, new rules. Sheppard/Weir/McKay, rated PG.

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